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Shake-down weekend

CRA’s first race weekend starts in 2 days!!!!! Anxious to get out on track with the RC 390 Cup bike. Will only run on Friday practice however…….still no suspension springs that are heavy enough for me and my aggressive riding style. So, will just do a break in on the engine and make sure all controls are adjusted to where they need to be. Will still be a great time getting back to my CRA family and seeing great friends that I haven’t seen in quite some time!


7 days………

7 days until the first race of the season. This one will be with my CRA family in Brainerd, MN at the Brainerd International Raceway. Haven’t been there since September of 2014, and it will be great to re-kindle old friendships and rivalries!

The CRA is the best, friendliest and closest knit club in the nation. Yea, maybe the trash talk gets rough at times, but, everyone stays good friends.

You see it most when a fellow competitor has a bad day of racing, crashed, blew a motor or is just having issues and the guy he was racing wheel to wheel with, is elbow deep in the bike repairs with him, trying to help get him back on the grid with him the next morning. Great club, great people!

Television debut!

KELO Land TV came over to Empire Motorsports for the unveiling of my 2015 KTM RC 390 Cup Series bike. Was a great day getting to talk to people and spurring interest in #MotoAmerica and motorcycle road racing here in the rural plains of eastern South Dakota. Hope we can do it again. Maybe I will be in the run for the MotoAmerica SuperStock Limited Championship and have something to brag about!

KELO Land doing an interview about myself, Empire Motorsports, MotoAmerica and the KTM RC 390 Cup bike.
KELO Land doing an interview about myself, Empire Motorsports, MotoAmerica and the KTM RC 390 Cup bike.


Graphics package for the 2015 KTM RC 390 Cup Series bike is in. All competitors in the MotoAmerica SuperStock Limited class will have the identical graphics package. The only thing that will keep us from looking exactly alike are our competitor numbers, sponsors on tail, helmets, leathers, gloves and boots!

Add to that what I expect to be some very tight racing and its going to be hard to tell us apart though!



psoterPosters for the 2015 season are being printed! Huge thanks to Nick from Steve Diamond Elements for the design work! Nick is swamped with work but, still made time for me. Thanks Nick, you are a class A person, glad to know you!




Seems like buying a “race ready” machine, a guy wouldn’t have to do much to make it “race ready”…………..

Dads been spending nights after work to get the bike ready to go for our first weekend at BIR. Suspension needs a lot of adjustments, safety wiring, familiarizing ourselves with the bike in general.

Definitely flying by the seat of our pants due to the fact that very little info is yet available to anyone on these bikes. Torque specs being the biggie! Trying to figure out how stuff comes apart (without breaking anything!)

Hoping the graphics we have to run for MotoAmerica show up before the big unveiling at Empire Motorsports in Sioux Falls in a week and a half, would be nice to have her all dolled up in her sunday best!

She’s home.




Made the 3 hour drive to Sioux Falls late this afternoon to bring the new lady home. Just sucks that it is a school night and it was almost 11pm when we got home. So, she just sits in the van until we can get her into the shop and start the setup procedures!


Saw this on the display when I turned the key on…………….THAT IS AWESOME!!!! Gets me excited for the weather to straighten out and start racing season!


Its a small bike, but, feels great and is pretty snappy for a single.  And for those who are waiting for the million dollar question to be answered………………………yes, it does wheelie!


The 2015 KTM RC390 Cup bike

Here she is, fresh out of the box. Never had a leg thrown over the saddle yet. This is the machine that will take me to the top of the podium in 2015.

390 Cup bike fresh out of the box.
390 Cup bike fresh out of the box.


The KTM 390 Cup bike is basically a GP machine made for the track. Unlike the street version, the Cup series bike has a couple different modifications. Full race plastics with a superbike tail, adjustable rearsets, full Akroprovic race exhaust, adjustable WP suspension front and rear, larger front brake rotor and aftermarket caliper. The engines are tuned to 38 hp by HMC  and sealed. HMC is the ONLY authorized shop to do maintenance on the engine. This is to keep all the cup bikes equal on track so the bike with the best setup suspension and the rider with the biggest balls will end up on the top step of the podium.


Pics of my 390 with the finished graphics package coming soon!

The New Hauler

Dad sold his Duramax, 210,000 miles, he figured it was time to update. Didn’t want us to be 1,200 miles from home with a 26′ trailer and have issues. Since we are now a one bike team, couldn’t justify pulling the trailer coast to coast this season. So, Dad brings home what my sister called a “creeper van”. A 2015 Ford Transit 250. A cargo van. Two seats. No frills, plain jane van with am/fm, power windows, air and cruise……..yay………


Looks better with some graphics, spray foamed the interior in the cargo area and put up plywood and dairy barn white board over the foam. Made it much quieter on the road, and hopefully cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.


Maybe you will see us on the road? If you do give us a honk to let us know you’re following this season!

van 1 van 2



The saving grace for Americas motorcycle road racing. They are working hard (7 months is all they had to get the series up and running!) to bring the manufacturers back into the sport, and getting road racing back on tv! And having to un-do all that DMG had done to completely destroy motorcycle road racing in the USA.