Laguna Seca round 4

Loooong drive out to California to Laguna Seca. Even longer drive home!

Only on race on this weekend. Learning the track in a short weekend was definitely demanding. Qualified in 20th, was having issues in every corner. The corkscrew is like a carnival ride!

Went out for the one and only race on Saturday. Got a great start and was moving up in the ranks. Couple riders crashed in front of me, which we expected when talking about a plan for the race. Was right behind a fellow CRA racer for 6 or 7 laps, and could have passed him early on in the race, but, knew from experience in past races that I should wait till the last lap so I wouldn’t have to battle back and forth for numerous laps. White flag and started to make my move on Mason. decided to take him in Rainey curve (turn 9) because I could tell I was quicker through T10 and the final corner. In turn 10 I was control sliding the rear all weekend and went in a little faster ( 8mph faster to be exact from the data) and the rear set into the same slide it had been all weekend. This time it was just a little too much and the rear cut loose. Off in the gravel trap I went. Jumped up to get back on the bike to try to finish the race but the right handlebar was bent forward an couldn’t finish the race. Bummed. would have finished 12th if I could have made her stick!

Month off now. Much needed R and R! Looking forward to the end of August and racing with my CRA family at BIR!

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