Round 2 at Barber!

Back home from Barber, not missing the humidity!

First off, Barber is an awesome track. If you ever get the chance to go, definitely go!

As far as my 2nd round with MotoAmerica​ in the #ktmrccup, not so awesome.
Friday morning practice was ok, wasn’t pushing, just out to learn track and find the right lines. Q1 Friday afternoon was sketchy, the rear was sliding all over the place. Could not push at all. Ended up P22 out of 31 riders.
Saturday morning put on fresh tires hoping that would cure the rear grip issues for Q2. Nope. Still sliding everywhere. Didn’t improve times much. Decided the rear was bottoming out and I went and got a heavier rear spring, KTM told me that everyone else went back to a lighter spring, but, with me being 35# heavier than the biggest kid we decided to give it a try.
Race 1, went out and the rear was getting grip again, but, that in turn caused the front to not want to finish the corner and run wide. Fought it and was doing everything in my skillset to keep it on track for 7 laps, frustrated and not wanting to crash the bike, I pulled in with 3 laps left, wasn’t in the points so it wasn’t worth staying out.
Left everything as is for the night to cool off and think about what needed to be done.
Sunday morning we decided to drop the front 4mm to get some weight on the front and did so before the morning warm up. Went out for the warm up and the bike was 100% better than the previous day. Got in a good rhythm and was getting faster each lap. Ended the warmup session 2 secs faster than the best session the day before! Finally! A set up that will allow me to push and run in the top ten!
Race 2. I’m comfy with the bike, confidence high, and in the right mindset for a great finish! Red lights go out, and the race is on. I got a good launch, worked my way through the pack a bit, come to T5 and tipped in on the bottom line, and a kid behind me, rails into the side of me causing the bike to go out from under me and into another rider that was on the outside of me. Left rearset broke off, left bar end bent, and, my visor is gone. Great. Just when I was ready to salvage a crappy weekend, luck passed me by.

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